Our Treatment Model for Addiction and Mental Health Treatment in Portland

Starting mental health and addiction treatment is a challenge. Allow us to make it easier for you. At Shanti Recovery & Wellness, we provide evidence-based medical treatments for substance use disorders, anxiety, and depression – without attitude and judgment. Our comprehensive Outpatient Addiction & Mental Treatments in Portland, OR, are designed to support you every step of the way.

Outpatient Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

Programs We Offer in Portland, OR:

We accept the following insurance plans for addiction treatment and mental health services in Portland, OR:


“I strive to change society’s outlook on addicts. Addiction is a chronic neurobiological illness and should be treated as one by medical professionals and the public. The socioeconomic tolls of the disease on public health are astronomical. With education and quality treatment, addiction medicine will gain further recognition as a major medical specialty. At Shanti Recovery & Wellness in Portland, OR, we are dedicated to providing top-tier addiction treatment and mental health services to our community.”

— Robbie Bahl, MD


Our outpatient mental health and addiction treatment programs in Portland, OR, are more affordable than detox or residential treatment and are often covered by insurance. We strive to provide the highest success rates for our patients.


We have one of the top Suboxone doctors in Oregon, but not every individual situation is the same. Our mental health and addiction team in Portland will create a unique treatment plan tailored just for you, ensuring you receive the best possible care.


Our team won’t judge you. We treat mental health and addiction in Portland, OR, like all other medical illnesses, offering our patients the utmost respect and compassionate care. Experience our empathetic approach to addiction treatment and mental health services.

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Our goal is to establish the best treatment plan for you, help you execute it, and achieve a functional lifestyle. Fill out the form below for more information. For more immediate assistance, call us now for your quick assessment at (503) 206-8850.


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    Call or email to make an appointment at our offices in the Brooklyn Neighborhood of inner SE Portland, Oregon. We are located less than 2 miles from SW Downtown Portland, and we are only a 8 minute walk from the MAX Orange Line train station. The office is steps away from the Ross Island Bridge and is also accessible by several bus lines.