Addiction recovery groups in Portland can be hard to find. Here's our top 4.

Tracking down the right support group for you can be difficult, especially when you’re new to recovery. But trust us, there’s a group out there for everyone — you just have to find it. 

Portland is blessed with a plethora of addiction recovery support groups. We have everything from faith-based groups, to evidence-based groups, to groups for specific populations (women, LGBTQ+ folks, BIPOC, young people, etc). There are, of course, groups dedicated to swearing off specific drugs of choice, like alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. There are also general groups that bring people with all sorts of different addictions together in one room. There are groups that are held late at night (like the “Night Owls”) and early in the morning (like “The Dawn Patrol”). 

Group locations vary, too. Community centers, churches, cultural centers, recovery clubs and hospitals in the area all host regular meetings of various kinds. 

Before the pandemic, there were some online groups, but since the pandemic, the number of online groups has absolutely exploded. If in-person meetings are too overwhelming or too inconvenient for you, rest assured you can find a good group online. 

So, yes, you CAN find a group in Portland for you!

Read on for our top 4 groups or group locations in Portland. 

Portland Recovery Support Group #1: The Alano Club 

The Alano Club is a great addiction recovery support organization in Portland Oregon.

The Alano Club will make anyone in recovery feel fancy about working their program. The building is a big, winding Victorian on the Westside, holding court between fancy estates and rose bushes. 

What we like about The Alano Club is that it’s the original recovery club in Portland and that it’s a part of a nation wide movement of AA-inspired recovery clubs that host meetings and other functions for the recovery community. 

If you can make it to the westside or you already live nearby, The Alano Club should be at the top of your list. During the pandemic, many meetings are online, although there are a few meetings in person now. 

Here’s some meetings at The Alano Club that caught our eye: 

  • Recovery Dharma 12 -1pm, Thursdays
  • AA Women’s Newcomer Group (online only) 12-1pm, most days
  • Narcotics Anonymous: LGBTQ+ Queer as Folk 7-8pm, Wednesdays  

Portland Recovery Support Group #2: 4th Dimension Recovery Center 

The 4th Dimension, or just 4D for short, is a fantastic resource for young people in recovery in Portland. They host a ton of support groups for the recovery community.

So, like the Alano Club, the 4th Dimension Recovery Center (aka “4D”) is a recovery club, not a meeting per se. However, like the Alano Club, they host a TON of meetings. 

4D is for young folks (35 and under) who are in recovery. It’s nestled among the barber shops and liquor stores on NE MLK Blvd. The groups are free and there’s even a hangout area to explore in between meetings with TVs, pool, video games and couches. 4D opened a second location in Hillsboro last year, too! 

Here’s some typical meetings at 4D: 

  • F@%K Drugs (Get High on Life) 7-8pm, Sundays 
  • No More Methin’ Around 9-10pm, Mondays 
  • Queens With a Solution (for female identified and non-binary folks) 10-11am, Sundays  

Portland Recovery Support Group #3: SMART Recovery

SMART recovery is an excellent addiction recovery support group that exists for those who aren't sold on the AA model of recovery.

Now here’s an actual group! For the uninitiated, SMART Recovery is an evidence-based addiction recovery method/group. If the AA/NA philosophy doesn’t sit well with you, you may enjoy SMART Recovery’s non-spiritual take on working a recovery program.  

SMART recovery is becoming more popular as more studies are published reflecting the low success rate of spiritual groups, like AA and NA. 

There’s SMART recovery meetings in every quadrant of Portland. You can find your meeting here

Portland Recovery Support Group #4: Dual Diagnosis Anonymous of Oregon

Dual diagnosis folks will LOVE the DDA addiction recovery support groups in Portland Oregon.

If you struggle with a persistent mental health condition and addiction (which is very, very common), you should definitely consider checking out a Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (DDA) meeting. If you are a veteran and have a dual diagnosis, you should strongly consider joining DDA’s groups just for vets. Meetings are in-person as well as online

Right now, the only in-person general DDA meeting is on Tuesdays at 5:30pm at Bridges to Change’s Club Hope, at 21440 SE Stark St. 

Recovering from Addiction in Portland? We’re Here to Help 

At Shanti Recovery and Wellness, we take a holistic approach to addiction treatment. 

Using only the best, most evidence-based practices, we offer closely supervised Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and counseling for those struggling with addiction to opiates and alcohol. 

If you’re looking for a partner in recovery in SE Portland, Oregon, give us a call. Our clinical team would be honored to help you reclaim control of your life from addiction.