Drug dreams, using dreams or dreaming about getting high are all common experiences of people in recovery from addiction.

When you are in recovery from substance use disorder, it is very, VERY common to dream about using. 

A lot of folks find these dreams really disturbing and upsetting. 

When you have a “drug dream,” do you find yourself wondering: 

If you are at risk of relapse

If you are working your program hard enough? 

If you are taking the right medications? 

If you are taking the right dosage of medication? 

If you should feel guilty?

If you should feel worried? 

Don’t fret. “Drug dreams” are usually nothing to feel ashamed or worried about. 

Today, we’ll look at why “drug dreams” happen, what you can do about it and when you should seek outside help. 

What are “Drug Dreams?”

What are drug dreams? They are your subconscious brain remembering what it was like to be intoxicated.

“Drug dreams” are simply dreams where you find yourself involved in some aspect of the substance use cycle. 

In some using dreams, you may already be high or drunk.

In others, you may be trying to score. 

There are many versions of this dream but, again, they are very common among people in recovery. 

What Does it Feel Like to Dream About Getting Drunk or High? 

It's OK to feel a lot of different ways about your drug dreams. Sad, scared, anxious, relieved. These are all normal.

During a “drug dream,” the high can feel very, very realistic.

In fact, these dreams can be so realistic that you feel like your relapsed against your will, triggering feelings of shame or failure. 

Don’t feel bad if you have using dreams, and certainly don’t feel guilty about the simulated “high.”

Why do I Have “Drug Dreams” or Dreams About Using?

Why did you have your drug dream now? It's worth examining where you're at in your recovery journey.

Pay attention to the patterns. 

Do you often have “drug dreams?” How early in recovery are you? For those in the early months of recovery, you should expect to experience more “drug dreams” than those in the later years of recovery. 

Do you frequently find you have “drug dreams” when you are more stressed? 

If so, then this is a great early warning, that you may be at risk of relapse. Take the warning signs seriously and up your game when it comes to self-care, adhering to your treatment plan and staying in touch with your support network

For most people, though, “drug dreams” do not actually indicate anything. It’s simply your brain remembering what it’s like to be high or drunk. Some people even believe the state of intoxication in “drug dreams” is a metaphor for other struggles that are going on in our waking lives. 

Ultimately, you get to decide the meaning – if any – of your “drug dreams.”

When Should I Worry About My “Drug Dreams?”

You probably shouldn't worry about your drug dreams. However, there's at least one situation where your worry is warranted.

Again, if you find that your “drug dreams” are pointing towards a need to double down in your recovery plan and your relapse prevention plan,, then by all means, do that. 

At my clinic, I get the most worried about “drug dreams” when patients admit that they look forward to going to sleep because that means that they might be able to get high. If you are looking forward to your “drug dreams” it means that you have not found other, healthier ways of having fun, relieving stress and enjoying yourself during the day – all of which put you at risk for relapse. 

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