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What is Narcan? What isNaloxone?

Narcan, also known as naloxone, is a medication used to reverse opioid overdose. It works by binding to the same receptors in the brain that opioids interact with, effectively “blocking” an opioid’s ability to continue to produce a “high” in the brain and body. 

Narcan is available in several forms. It can be injected or it can be administered with a nasal spray. Narcan is safe, easy to use, and can be a crucial tool in saving lives during an overdose emergency.

Who Should Carry Narcan? 

If you use opioids, you should carry Narcan. If you are in a position to be a likely first responder to someone who is at risk for opioid overdose, then you should carry Narcan. This includes family and friends of people who use, as well as people who work in public-facing roles where contact with opioid users is common. For example, public safety officers, emergency first responders, and individuals who work in nightclubs and bars are well advised to carry Narcan.  

Where Can I Get Narcan in Portland, Oregon? 

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Narcan is not difficult to get but it is NOT available over the counter like aspirin or ibuprofen. 

In Oregon there are several places you can access Narcan: 

  • A pharmacy. If you ask for Narcan at any pharmacy in Oregon, state law says that the pharmacist can prescribe it and dispense it to you on the spot. This may or may not be covered by insurance. You can access a list of pharmacies that carry Narcan here
  • A needle exchange. Outside In and Multnomah County both have several needle exchange programs throughout the metro area that also supply Narcan as a harm reduction measure. Multnomah County has two traveling needle exchange programs. You can access the weekly schedule for these programs here. You can access information about Outside In here
  • By mail. You can request free Narcan by mail. There is currently a one or two week waiting period, but this is a viable option if you don’t need Narcan immediately. 

Where Can I Find Information and Training on How to Administer Narcan in Portland Oregon? 

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There are videos available online to train you in how to administer Narcan nasal spray and injectable Narcan in case of an emergency. You cannot overdose on Narcan and allergic reactions are very rare. Always call 911 before you administer Narcan so that you know help is on the way. Narcan can take several minutes to work and sometimes several doses are needed. If it’s unclear if the person is unconscious due to opioid overdose or if they’re unconscious due to some other life threatening medical emergency, administering Narcan cannot harm the person. Administering Narcan is always worthwhile if you suspect opioid overdose may be underway. 

Can I Get In Trouble for Administering Narcan in Portland Oregon? 

Oregon has a “Good Samaritan Law” that states that anyone administering Narcan in a good faith effort to save a life will not be targeted by law enforcement. If you administer naloxone in good faith, even if you are involved in illicit drugs in some way, you are exempt from civil prosecution when help arrives. It is strongly recommended that you stay with the individual experiencing overdose after you’ve administered Narcan in order to monitor them and ensure that emergency responders can easily locate them when they arrive. The Good Samaritan Law protects you while you’re doing this.

Where Can I Get Help for Opioid Addiction in Portland Oregon? 

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There are a variety of places to seek help for opioid addiction in the Portland metro area, depending on the type of care you want, the type of insurance you have (or don’t have), and the level of care you need. At Shanti Recovery and Wellness, we offer something unique in the Portland area: a family-style clinic nestled in a discrete, welcoming craftsman in the Brooklyn neighborhood of SE Portland. Our locally owned “one stop shop” for holistic addiction treatment care is ideal for patients looking for customized treatment plans that consider all aspects of wellness on the recovery journey. Our tight knit team of medical doctors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatrists and therapists specializes in addiction treatment and common co-occurring disorders like depression, ADHD, and anxiety. Our treatment approach is evidence-based, making use of cutting edge research into addiction medicine, and patient-centered. In addition to counseling and medical care, we offer medication assisted treatment (MAT) with medications like Suboxone, buprenorphine and Vivitrol for opioid use disorder and alcohol use disorder.  

Looking for Addiction Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment in Portland Oregon?

At Shanti Recovery and Wellness, we understand how difficult it can be to seek treatment for SUD. We are committed to reducing barriers to treatment for addiction treatment patients in Portland, Oregon and beyond.

Interested to learn more about how we can help? Give us a call today to begin your journey to freedom from addiction.